Ufone Free Internet For 30 Days

If you are a Ufone customer, you can get free internet on your mobile phone for 30 days by dialing *5015#. This service is valid only for 30 days, so don’t waste your time. There are a few ways you can get the data. You can also use the application to browse the internet. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can log in and start browsing the web for free.

Ufone Free Internet For 30 Days

To activate the free internet on your Ufone sim, dial *5000#. You’ll then be given 3Gb of data for 30 days and 100 MBS minutes every day. To get an extra 50MB per day, you can send the sender’s number to 9000. This can be used to block unwanted source messages. Besides, if you have an existing plan with Ufone, you can also download their new app for free.

There are several ways to use the Ufone free internet package. To activate it, you need to use the USSD codes to connect to the Internet. These codes are available on your phone’s screen. You can also use the codes to activate the free internet service. Once you’ve set up the app, you can use it to make recharges, view your VAS subscription status, and report unwanted SMS.

Besides free internet, Ufone also offers free call minutes and unlimited SMS. The Ufone free internet package is valid for 30 days, and includes 3GB of data and three thousand SMS credits bonus. It also comes with a VPN app, which helps you browse anonymously and hides your browsing session from network detectors. There are also several other benefits. By using this package, you can enjoy unlimited free sms, free online movies, and more. If you’re a Ufone customer, you’ll be able to surf the net for as long as you want.

Ufone Free Internet

Once you’ve registered with the service, you’ll be given a code that you can use to access the internet. This code will allow you to use the internet for 60 days. You can also check the validity of the offer by calling *5000#. You can read the full details of the deal and how to use it. There’s no limit on how many times you can access the service.

The telenor free internet app lets you log in with your thumb impression. You can use it to surf the web or social media sites. The free internet app is also available for Android and iOS devices. With the free data, you can browse the websites you like. You can also read up on upcoming offers and special offers. You can even sign up for a Telecompunch and get the latest updates on upcoming deals and discounts.


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